Tardis engineered a headset that can receive and transmit audio, whether from an analogue radio or from a digitally encoded satellite link, using a fibre headset, an ideal product for command and control. This ensures the operator (more relevant in field-deployments) is protected over the red element of the traffic over an otherwise secure black circuit. This represents another unique solution from Tardis, as no other product exists in this configuration or of this manufacturing standard, further encouraging the G&D market to move forward in secure communication services.

After months of rigorous testing, Tardis is in receipt of many successful tests and are very proud to announce the market launch of SHS-24F. Learn more about SHS-24F.


Understanding your needs and objectives are the foundations of any solution we design. A rich heritage of experience and proactive problem solving has stood us in good stead for decades in the telecoms and networks industry.
This is what drives our international reputation for pioneering new techniques and applications. We support governments and civil defence authorities, as well as the maritime, construction and broadcasting sectors, in both tactical and commercial pursuits.

Choose us, and you can expect a dedicated team who understand that by helping clients to grow, we grow with them. Unrivalled support at unprecedented levels - this is just a part of our holistic approach to customer satisfaction.

When making strategic decisions about your intelligence systems, you can rest assured we are true specialists. We draw on first-hand experience of working with the technologies we deploy in practice.

Get in touch for support with UAV operations and surveillance, video analytics, rapid IP network deployment and information assurance. Our team are commercially astute, discrete and design solutions that meet your goals. How we can support you.

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