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"As a system for use during initial site set-up or times when a normal phone line is not in place, Tardis 4G is probably the best solution I've used." Site Agent, Berkeley Group | January 2017

Tardis 4G is the Rapid Response WiFi Partner for hundreds of construction contractors and residential developers across the UK. We're first choice for first-in communications because we provide an unparalleled solution, not just in service delivery, but we have a superb infrastructure that enables us to be as flexible as our clients need us to be.

You may have heard that we are network agnostic...? This means we seamlessly provide our broadband and WiFi connection using multiple networks and SIM cards - not only does this mean we provide automated network resilience for any user(s), but we are the only supplier of this type of broadband and WiFi solution in the UK!

We've had the pleasure of connecting site teams on massive projects like Crossrail, Elephant & Castle Regeneration, Battersea Power Station Regeneration and thousands more. Tardis 3G was a market first in 2009. Tardis 4G came into play a few years later and to this day, we are still unmatched - a feat we and our engineers are very proud of.
Last summer, we reinvested in our market-leading solutions with the aim to further enhance and create the best site WiFi products for our ever-growing client base. With new and advanced technology already installed for several site teams, our solutions have already changed the way IT teams and construction contractors think about on-site broadband connections.

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We're the only Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the UK to provide communications across all Major Network Operating platforms (MNOPs) which means we provide the greatest coverage for our clients.


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