1. Technology Name (Hearing Dose Management – HDM®).

2. Description. HDM® is available now – an individual reproduced sound dosimeter and hearing protection device that monitors the user's exposure to reproduced sound through a headset and ensures that their average daily exposure dose (must average no more than 85dBA) stays within that recommended by the Noise at Work Regulations 2005. The device also includes a peak level limiter, which truncates any audio spike to a maximum of 100dB. The HDM® Pro has been tested with a major broadcaster achieving results outlined above and in is now in use today as a standard product. The device additionally can store the user's average exposure level for download and can be stored as a personal file for evidential use in the event of a legal claim for noise induced hearing loss. HDM® is also able to be engineered to allow full and open reproduced sound heard by the operator (say, in a full combat zone) without capping the peak audio, but with the unique feature of being able to identify the override of the protective features having been selected, and recording the actual user's exposure during the override period.

Speech Graphic: sampled at 85dB

In this example there is a much larger availability of unused dose which is captured by HDM® Pro and used to permit levels higher than the average later in the 24 hour monitored period. In this example there is a considerable amount of unused audio which will permit higher level listening.

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