With the increasing need for secure and fast communication in military environments, various products and services using the latest technological advances have been developed. Various communication technologies such as software-embedded radio systems, Ka band and high frequency services to limit the bandwidth constraint are emerging and are expected to have exponential growth in future years.

The SHS-24F is a TEMPEST certified headset and as such has a zero electromagnetic signature, which completes the secure communication link from operator-to-operator when using any communications equipment; such as - Harris Mil117G secure radio system (legacy or next generation design).

Technical Overview

The SHS-24F is a full ear defender style headset with passive attenuation of 24dB, and provides a full duplex fibre optic link between Operator/User's Headset and a radio transceiver. This capability allows the operator to be remote from the terminal or transmission equipment whilst maintaining a secure link. In such examples, the headset allows a full transmit and receive operation with the transceiver of up to 3km separation if required, connected only by a single multimode Fibre Optic cable which can be ruggedised if required.

This headset has been designed and manufactured to meet TEMPEST certification and will achieve accreditation during Q1-2015, ensuring end-point to end-point 'whole link' secure communications in any environment from operator-to-operator encompassing and eliminating the red element in a secure environment.

Remote Radio Connector Unit (External Ports)

The remote connector unit offers total flexibility in connecting the headset (SHS-24F) via a fibre cable to the RCU. Using the shielded cable which connects to the radio port, this gives the operational asset the ability to connect into any military analogue radio.

What are the risks with COTS products?

  • EMR – Emanations are a security risk when COTS products are used
  • Low Cost COTS is no defence – a known weak-link in the overall communications network which only serves to undermine Crypto's
  • Less concerning in Green Zones, but dangerous when used outside of safe areas where red traffic is exposed allowing a targeted interceptIon.


All Government bodies are currently re-assessing the capability of secure communication systems and products. The need to defend against eaves-dropping on security transmissions is an ever increasing threat. This fibre headset is just one of the various aspects of hardware & software security systems that are being considered across nations.

Special Projects Manager

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