Why wouldn't you want to monitor your workforce...?

At a time when the economy is growing at its fastest rate in a generation, the construction and civil engineering sector is under huge pressure to respond to the ever-increasing commercial need for new developments, whether it be for housing or huge regeneration projects.

For this reason alone, many contractors have stressed how important it is for their management teams to accurately monitor staff attendance. In addition, iTime satisfies the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) plus, it has been successfully tested by a National Governing Body prior to launching.
Historically, it has been common for many businesses to monitor staff via traditional methods, for example, a sign-in book or swipe cards. Although these routines were practised daily, there was another habit taking place just as frequently - ghosting.

For those who are not familiar with this term, "ghosting" represents an employee's false attendance. Essentially, a company is still paying for this particular staff member but they are not on-site, although on paper, they are. This is a common problem which iTime cost-effectively solves.

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